Maelstrom Diver

Prove that you can dive into a Maelstrom with one or more friends.

Take a screenshot of yourself being present at the center of a Maelstrom instance (Titan must be clearly visible) together with one or more wingmates (wingmate(s) must be visible on scanner.)

This rank will grant you embed permissions in our discord, in addition to access to our in-game squadron.

Agent Saboteur

Fully sabotage a Thargoid Spire Site in a wing of 2 to 4 CMDRs.

Submit an on-foot screenshot of all CMDRs in wing standing on petal of a spire, with all 3 major spires having been fully sabotaged (projecting orange light). Plus one of the recordings of the full fight.

Detailed requirements: Full sabotage of the site requires sabotaging all eight hybrid compound bins. Individual CMDRs must survive beginning to end (end = in a ship supercruising away from the planet) to be eligible for this rank. Should a CMDR die, they are allowed to come back to help their wing, but are no longer individually eligible for the rank in that run (the surviving wing mates still are.) Leaving the instance to rearm or switch ships is not allowed. Dismissing and recalling ships is allowed.

Additional ranks are being added as the group grows …