Why Mumble?

  • Allows for dynamic communication system where wing commanders have dedicated communications for their wing, while simultaneously being able to hear the orders from the Operation leader
  • Channel structure is all 1 up and 1 down communications between the Parent Channel or Sibling Channel and Child Channel. Essentially, only people in the Child (Hammer Members) channel can hear each other and their Parent channel, which in this example is the Hammer Command of which CMDR Medi0cr3 is in
  • Cleaner communications within the Strike Team, ensuring people are not talking over one another from within the wings
  • Allows a voice activation for primary communications in wing and an additional key for push-to-talk to reach globally outside of the wing to everyone
  • It is a very lightweight free server and client
  • Very good audio codecs, easy to setup, and very intuitive


Visit www.mumble.info to download. Select the version that matches your operating system.

Alternate download link available directly from our website. We are finding out some people are having download issues:


Our server is a “private” server and will not show up in the “public server” search. Follow the directions below to connect.

1. Click the Globe Icon
2. Click the ‘Add New’ button
3. Input the following data* Address: mumble.xenostrikeforce.com

* Password (Will be asked after you connect):

* Nickname: [XSTF] CMDR YourInGameName

The password is in a discord slash command for approved members to see. Utilize /mumble in the XSF Discord
4. Click “YES” on the Certificate Request
* You will not be asked for the password again after this.
* After connecting you will need to get ‘registered’ to be able to move channels, notify an a Colonel or General Staff member for them to ‘register’ you.
Connection Data


Installing is fairly straight forward, if you can install and run Elite: Dangerous, then this will be a breeze.
Please follow the guide as we’ve tested certain settings to ensure people hear each other clearly and concisely. Peoples individual equipment will change. This is not nearly the level of development as Discord as its a very small group of developers that work on the application.

Clicking the “gear ” icon will open the settings.

Audio Input/Out Device

Its important that you determine the correct device if you have specific audio devices doing specific things. Try default. There have been issues reported with bluetooth enabled devices not functioning correctly, information provided as is.

Audio Input

Feel free to use voice activation. However we ask that you properly setup your mic detection.

Speech Below Slider:
Setting the ‘Silence Below’ sliding bar will allow you a variable amount of speech. Talking above into the green, past this threshold will count as a ‘voice detection’ and if you suddenly talk softer, falling into this threshold will not count as a new ‘voice activation’. Having a decent gap is preferred.

Speech Above Slider:
Setting the ‘Speech Above’ slider simply counts as a voice activation. Simply talk calmly into the mic and adjust as necessary.

Select between 120 to 64kbits/sec
Audio per packet 20ms

Audio Processing:

  • Max. Amplification 1, unless you have windows mic boot
  • Echo Cancellation ‘Mixed Echo Cancellation (speex)’
    • Will remove echos of your voice from peoples voices as they talk.
    • If you hear yourself while they talk, set to the above setting, otherwise set to default
  • Noise suppression. Please enable ‘Both’ with speex suppression strength -31db

Mute Cue:
Disable Mute cue or you will hear beeping while your mic is muted.

User Interface

Look and Feel:
Allows you to select a Theme. Light mode or Dark modes are available here.


This is where you may add keybinds. We will now setup the keybind for global talking.
1. Click Add
2. ‘Unassigned’ will populate in the shortcuts field, click on ‘Unassigned’

3. A dropdown will appear, you will select ‘whisper/shout’ from the bottom of the drop down.

4. Next, click the ‘Data’ field, which should say ‘Emtpy’. Click these three dots to bring up the Whisper Target menu.

5. Select ‘Channel’ in the ‘Shout/Whisper to:’ field and then select ‘Current’ Channel and ‘Shout to Linked Channels’ box.

6. Double click on ‘No Buttons Assigned’ to add a key. If you have multiple monitors, a box may popup on your primary display.
– Click Add, then press the key/joystick button you wish. When you click Add it is in ready to record mode.

7. This key will allow you to speak globally outside your channel context. Your primary voice activation/push-to-talk setup will let you speak within your wing.

You are now ready to participate in the Xeno Strike Force Mumble Server!