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Strike Group StructureDetails how the ranks apply within Operations
Officer ResponsibilitiesElaborates specifics to each rank within the community
Rank SubmissionsHow to submit for the next promotion
The 5 RequirementsRank Requirements for Promotion

Promotion Ranks

Combat wings are said to have arguably the most notable Commanders whom have distinguished themselves becoming dedicated leaders, artificers of effective communication, and a keen eye for strategy. Those Officers have proven themselves amongst many Commanders taking the initiative in the absence of orders, earning the respect and confidence of seniors, and those they lead alike. These Officers have proven themselves in combat against the Thargoid species in multiple combat instances and logistics. They are subject matter experts in their levels…

The ranks:

  • Learner
  • Aviator
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • General Staff

Strike Groups will consist of 19 Commanders.

Strike Group Structure

Our structure is comprised of a ‘Strike Group’ which houses 19 commanders. Our findings are that the instance will start to break around 20, so the wing structure is based around that quantity. We break this down by command structure for ease of communication. Read below to see each role broken down in a Strike Group.

  • Aviator
    • New to the community and is participating in operations in uniform and being a productive member of the team
    • Focuses on mission targets
    • Pilots within a Tactical Wing
  • Lieutenant
    • 2nd In Command of a Tactical Wing (4 Wing Members)
    • Takes accountability of Hull percentages and Ammo counts and relays to their Captain
    • Objectively keeps the wing in a tight formation
    • Leads two Aviators
    • Pilots within a Tactical Wing
  • Captain
    • Commander of a Tactical Wing (4 Wing Members)
    • Tasked by echelon leader, typically a Major, sometimes an “Operation Leader”, will receive targets to engage and take the initiative, in the absence of orders, making command decisions on what to do with their formation
    • Leads one Lieutenant and two Aviators
    • Pilots within a Tactical Wing
  • Major
    • Commander of one Assault Group; leads two Tactical Wings
    • When tasked by mission requirements or by direction from the Colonel, the Major uses their tactical judgement and knowledge of the mission requirements ensuring their Tactical Wings are achieving mission objectives
    • Leads two Captains
    • Pilots within a Command Wing with Colonel and General Staff
  • Colonel
    • Mission Commander leading two Assault Groups (4 Tactical Wings)
    • Leads the overall formation and makes the major decisions regarding the flow of the operation achieving its objectives
    • Pilots within a Command wing with Major and General Staff

Officer Responsibilities

Officer Responsibilities are established to delegate certain practical responsibilities as much as possible to the lowest levels. This top down approach ensures the community as a whole is participating in specific categories. Higher echelon ranks are actually pretty busy running the community and dealing with other administrative tasks, thus the delegation of authority helps with day to day tasks. This gives junior Commanders opportunities to excel at their assignments and establish themselves as leaders, while making the community a better place in the process.

  • Entry Rank into the Community of which has executed a Cyclops Interceptor to the AXI Standard for “Apollo’s Wrath”
  • Learner holds no officer position and is considered a reservist rank
  • Learners must coordinate with a Lieutenant prior to participating in Official Operation Orders to ensure the Leaner is prepared. Must be supervised by a Lieutenant during the Operation. If a Lieutenant is unavailable, go to the next rank higher
  • Learners study the tactics, XSF Achievements, and Knowledge Proficiencies of Xeno Strike Force prior to advancing in rank

  • Allowed to accumulate Official Operational credit
  • Promotion to this rank must be supervised by a Lieutenant or higher during an Official Operation Order
  • Members are expected to participate in Official Operations and listen to the orders coming from the operation leaders
  • Participate in Uniform

  • Responsible for two other Aviators in their wing. Focuses on teaching and wing positioning
  • Line of succession to lead the wing once the Captain is out of the fight for any reason
  • Assists any Learners present in Official Operations and ensures they are prepared prior to joining Official Operations

  • Responsible for their Tactical Wing, consisting of one Wing of four pilots including the Captain
  • Considered subject matter expert and leads a wing of 4 Commanders
  • Keeps tactical situational awareness of their wing, coordinates effective fire, communicates efficiently, ensures their wing completes the assigned Mission Objective
  • Proctors the verbal Knowledge Proficiency test for potential Aviators
  • Proctors the Aviator Promotion Challenge
  • Authorized use of the ‘/opord participant‘ command to log experience credit of official operations

  • Responsible for one Assault Group consisting of two Wings
  • Considered XSF Leadership and is appointed by General Staff
  • Participates in wing formation with Colonel or General Staff members
  • May choose to fly as a 5th member to one of their Captains, but Captains retain operational control of their Wing
  • Approves or Denys Operation Order requests
  • Proctors the verbal Knowledge Proficiency test for potential Lieutenants
  • Proctors the Lieutenant Promotion Challenge

  • Responsible for their Strike Group, consisting of two Assault Groups, consisting of 4 wings, totaling 19 Commanders
  • Considered XSF Leadership and is appointed by General Staff
  • Participates in wing formation with Majors or General Staff members
  • May choose to fly as a 5th member to one of their Captains, but Captains retain operational control of their Wing
  • Approves or Denys Operation Order requests
  • Proctors the verbal Knowledge Proficiency test for potential Captains
  • Proctors the Captain Promotion Challenge

General Staff
  • The Overseers of the Community
  • Rank Appointment Authority
  • Conducts all Leadership Assessments.

Rank Submission

All categories can be completed in any order, except the Knowledge Proficiency, it must be last.

  • Must be “Active Duty”
  • Submitting evidence in a combined post to the XSF Discord channel ‘apply-for-ranks’
  • Combine into 1 post
    • AXI Rank Proof (Can be a discord link)
    • XSF Promotion Challenge proof
    • Experience Participation Proof (Official Operation Orders). Use /experience name @person and take a snap shot.
  • Knowledge Proficiency must be accomplished last and will be submitted by the proctor as a reply to your post that consisted of the other 3 categories
  • Knowledge Proficiency must achieve a passing 80% of associated requested rank requirement of Basic, Advanced, or Master
  • Ranks requiring leadership assessments will be conducted in the background without the applicant
  • You may right click on discord messages from any server or any channel and click ‘Copy Message Link’ and submit with your proof

What it takes..

Promotion has been valued with 5 major categories that a Commander must accomplish. The categories consist of Experience, Knowledge Proficiencies, Promotion Challenges, Anti Xeno Initiative Ranks, and Leadership Potential. Promotion within Xeno Strike Force is not always guaranteed even if a Commander is completely qualified.

1 – Experience

Commanders will gain Operational Experience participating in Official Operations. Official Operations are approved by Majors, Colonels, or General Staff. Official Operations will be posted in the Operation Orders channel on discord. Anybody is allowed to submit Official Operation Orders through the discord bot with the command “/opord“. See “/opord information” for further details.

Aviator1 Operation as Learner
Lieutenant5 Operations as Aviator
Captain5 Operations as Lieutenant
Major5 Operations as Captain
Colonel5 Operations as Major
Experience Table

2 – Knowledge Proficiencies

Over time, excellent Commanders have taken it upon themselves to distinguish themselves amongst their peers by learning Thargoid habits, weapon types and configurations, ship loadouts, and Xeno Strike Force knowledge. There is a verbal test that will be administered going over proficiency categories per rank. Applicant must have an 80% or higher. This proficiency exam ensures quality commanders are being progressed.




See the “Book of Sentinel” for the knowledge proficiencies.

3 – Promotion Challenges

Promotion Challenges can be submitted to the ‘apply-for-ranks‘ channel in the XSF Discord. The Challenges showcase the actual competency of a Commander to lead against the Thargoid threat. Below articulate each Challenge per Rank and its requirements…


Aviator Charlie and Captain Sheen were conducting Combat Air Patrol in a two Commander wing located in Pleiades Sector MI-S B4-0, where they were engaged by a Medusa Interceptor. Not expecting the dire strength and devastating firepower of the Interceptor, they were forced to fight for their lives while never losing focus of wing combat to become the Unconquerable Pair…

  • Wing of 2
  • Kill a Thargoid Medusa within 30 minutes
  • Captain or higher as wing member to promote
  • No Guardian Modules or Weapons
  • No Ammo Synth
  • No Deaths allowed
  • Must use Basic Ammo
  • Applicant must not be carried through the fight
  • Single screen shot showing both Commanders in a wing, both in the same instance at time of explosion and bond.
  • Must not be an AXCZ


Lieutenant Yang was participating in Operation Iron Eagle assaulting Titan Taranis in the year 3310 while flying her “Titan Killer” Krait MK II dubbed ‘XSF Yin’. She found herself following the orders of the Captain until suddenly a Lightning strike from a Hydra Interceptor vaporized her Captain. Lieutenant Yang was now in charge…

  • You are in charge now, successfully hold the instance while gaining 60 points without losing any team members.
  • Must be completed in Titan Space
  • Wing of 3 required, 4th not allowed (The Captain is dead…)
  • One RRR allowed at a time while remaining Commanders stay in the instance.
  • Requires video for Rank Requesting applicant
  • Medusa or Hydra: 60 points
  • Basilisk: 25 points
  • Cyclops: 15 points
  • Glaive: 10 points
  • Scythe: 5 points


Captain Jaeger was assigned a recovery mission in the year 3310. He was instructed to break his wing down into two elements – Strike and Search and Rescue – tasked with recovering Thargoid Bio-storage Capsules from a Thargoid Titan in an attempt to bring our fellow human brethren home. Mission analysts intel suggests Scythe variants of the formidable Hunter class Thargoid vessels are present in the area to actively recover any jettisoned Bio-Capsules. It is said that the Captain has the knowledge proficiency, administrative capability, effective communication skills, and piloting skill to lead the most effective Tactical Wing that the Xeno Strike Force has to offer…

  • The Rank requesting applicant must lead the operation and be in the Strike Team. Must submit Official Operation Order for a Tactical Wing sized element demonstrating administrative leadership.
  • Losing any Search and Rescue Team members invalidates the run
  • Recover 180 Thargoid Bio-Capsules to the nearest megaship.
  • Respawning is not permitted
  • Wing of 4 required
  • Must kill all Scythe Hunter Class vessels attempting to recover extracted Thargoid Bio-Capsules.
  • No wing member is allowed to leave Titan Space once inside until Mission Completion.
  • Strike Team is not allowed to extract Thargoid Bio-Capsules, however may store them in cargo.
  • Requires using Mumble Comms and teaching wing members to validate communication proficiency during Operations while running a Strike Group
  • Menu logging to leave titan space not permitted
  • Video required only from Applicant, must show remaining team members exiting with 180 Thargoid Bio-Capsules. Recommend team mates take screen shots.

4 – Anti Xeno Initiative Rank

Qualifications must include achieving the matching AXI Ranks.

  • Aviator
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • Sole Survivor
  • Serpent’s Nemesis
  • Collector
  • Herculean Conqueror
  • Decent Pilot

Visit the AXI Website

5 – Leadership Potential

Captain, Major, and Colonel will have a degree of community assessment as far as how the Commander carries themselves publicly. Leading Operations as any rank will be noticed. Whether a Commander has accomplishments positively progressing the Xeno Strike Force as a Community will be determined based on several factors which will all be taken into consideration, including: evaluation of communication with others, if they are a team player or not, if they have been an effective team mate, and how well team mates cooperated together. Social interactions on the XSF and AXI discords, social media, any forum, and in game will also be a factor. A simple rule of, “treating others the way you want to be treated”.