Engage Thargoids in a very structured Wing environment while flying your Uniformed ship in formation. We have structure that at the core sustains the community. Feel free to read below and familiarize yourself with the basics of flying within Xeno Strike Force.

Must have executed a solo Cyclops Interceptor to the Anti-Xeno Initiative standard of “Apollo’s Wrath” and have earned that rank in their discord.


You will more than likely need a helping hand with getting started in our Community. Everybody will be eager to help, however we have specialized and knowledgeable Commanders that will help you acclimate and do just that.

  • Captain – Feel free to ping them or the role and they will be available to answer your questions

Operation Orders

Operation Orders are our primary means to drive content.

Official Operations – Uniform Required. Typically an Op Order posted in #op-log
Unofficial Operations – Uniform Not Required. Typically just an Event without an associated notice in its description that it is an Official Op

Anybody can create an Operation Order request through the GuardianAI bot. “/opord information”
Operation Order Requests will sit in a queue awaiting a Major, Colonel, or General Staff to approve. Once they are approved the bot will create an event. You may not be the person running the event, but you at least will have created a mission for us all to complete. Participation in the Official Operations must be done in Uniform to receive Operational Experience credit.

Promotion Ranks

Getting promoted within XSF shows that you are a Commander that is willing to lead the fight straight to the Thargoids, an effective communicator, good team player, and an overall good person. We have a dedicated section discussing Promotions here.

Wing Combat Ranks

We offer some challenges much like AXI does, but they are centered around wing operations, check these out here.

Knowledge Proficiencies

Are you concerned that you may not have the same knowledge that everybody else has? We have developed knowledge proficiencies that will speed up that process into simple categories, Basic, Advanced, and Master. Review our “Book of Sentinel” page for more information.